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21 June 2021 Off

21-27 June 2021

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Let’s celebrate the end of the academic year together. Take part in our activities and have fun.

14 June 2021 Off

14-20 June 2021

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English practice and board games – the fun intercultural experience you need. Take part in our activities for a memorable…

8 June 2021 Off

7-13 June 2021

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Enrich your summer with international experiences. Participate in our activities and meet wonderful people.

24 May 2021 Off

24-30 May 2021

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We are back! Participate in our activities to play historical board games and practice English.

21 April 2021 Off

19-25 April 2021

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The weather might be warmer and warmer but it’s still a great time to make some friends online. Take part…

6 April 2021 Off

5 – 11 April 2021

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It’s beginning to look a lot like spring! Take part in our activities and learn something new this week.